Yang Lining biography
Yang Lining biography
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Wu Jinlue and Yang Lining
Yang Lining and her first Master of Gu Qin, Wu Jinglue.
He also was Li Xianting Master.

La Fable des continents
Photo from the movie "La Fable des continents"
staring Yang Lining (INA archives), 1991.

Yang Lining by Arnaud de Rol
Yang Lining is also a Master in Guzheng cithare and Ruan too
(photo copyright by Arnaud de Roll).

Photo by Arnaud de Roll

Yang Lining by Arnaud de Rol
Photo copyright by Arnaud de Roll.

Copyright Yang Lining 2008

Copyright Yang Lining 2008

Yang Lining in Beijing, 2008
Copyright Yang Lining 2008.
Yang Lining is also a Gu Zheng expert (earlier kind of cithar), which could be compared with our european harp. Yang Linng has given many concerts with this cithar, more accessible for a european public. It needs dexterity and fingering.

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