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About the Guqin

Qin stands as an important status in ancient Chinese culture. It is widely recognized as the most elegant musical instrument. Its invention dates back to the Han dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, where seven strings were strung on the painted resonatory box. The surface of this type of ancient qin had thirteen rounded pearl marks, which were the 'Hui-s', the fingering indicators.

Yang Lining

The playing techniques of qin were developped in parallel with its recording scripts. The script utilized a set of specially designed symbols, each representing the string to be played together the fingerings. The rythms, the variations of strength and emphasis in playing werepassed down from masters to students verbally from generation to generation.

Many masters over the years have contributed towards the playing techniques of qin, including striking, sliding, and the decorative tunes.

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Yang Lining Gu Qin
Photo by Thierry Fonteneau (Copyright)

Yang Lining owns and plays one of the most beautiful Qin (Ming dynasty) in lacquered wood (black and dark red). This magnificent instrument is reproduced in the reference guide Ancient Chinese Zither Qin.
As each famous instrument, this one has a specific name : "Automn Moon". This Qin has been estimated by Thierry Portier, French expert specialized in oriental pieces of art.

Yang Lining also owns an other Qin, more recent (1888), a Wuzi Guangxu.

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