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2007: Yang Lining concerto for Guqin and the Orchestra, Mastering and Manufactured by HUGO Productions (HK) Ltd, © 2006 HUGO Productions. Direct Cut, Super Master. Ordinary CD included for comparison.
LPCD45 Three Variations on Plum Blossom - HUGO Productions, (HK)

Music from the World - Hymne  Confucius
2003: Fleur de Prunus Ensemble, "Chine: Hymne à Confucius", a Music from the World CD, Buda Records, Paris. Distribution Universal.

2000: China Roots. Yang Lining solist. A republishing by ESPACE DRAGON. Produced by ESPACE DRAGON. Still available.
China Roots - Yang Lining solist

12/6-7-8/2001, sound recording of a Zheng Cithar show by Yang Lining ("Métissons").

Voix du Dragon - Cité de la Musique / RFI
2000: November 2000 / February 2001, Cité de la Musique (Paris) Radio France International "The Dragon Voice", Music from China.

Zheng Cithar (Yang Lining).
15 tracks, total time 63,42 min

1999: China Roots. Yang Lining solist. A Buda Records production, Paris. Distribution Universal.

1999: Jésuites et Courtisanes, Fleur de Prunus ensemble (Yang Lining co founder).
Zheng Cithar (Yang Lining). Label: Music from the World (Buda Records).
10 tracks, total time 70'56 min
Music from the World - Jésuites et Courtisanes

Mulan musical arranging
1998: 10/10/1998, musical arranging for the Disney arobatic show Mulan (Disney Village).

1996: Yang Lining with François Picard, Master Chen Zhong, CD OCORA Radio France C560090.

1992: 'Fleuve Jaune' (Yellow River) Yang Lining and François Picard, CD Ethnic Auvidis B 6757.

1990: Yang Lining with her Master Li Xiangting (registered at Maison de Radio France, Paris). CD OCORA Radio France C 559100


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Le Monde Dec. 1999

Diapason Apr. 1999

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